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Details American-Indians-American-Justice

American Indians, American Justice Baffled by the stereotypes presented by Hollywood and much historical fiction, many other Americans find the contemporary American Indian an enigma. Compounding their confusion is the highly publicized struggle of ...

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Details American-Indians-and-the-American-Imaginary-Cultural-Representation-Across-the-Centuries

American Indians and the American Imaginary Shows how Native Americans have been represented in American public culture - from the colonial era to modern films, sports arenas and museums. Full description

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Details Native-Americans-Researching-American-History

Native Americans Explore tribal creation myths, family life, relocation to reservations, and great Native American leaders through oral histories and written and graphic documents. Full description

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Details Making-Home-Work-Domesticity-and-Native-American-Assimilation-in-the-American-West-1860-1919-Gender-and-American-Culture-Gender-American-Culture

Making Home Work During the westward expansion of America, white middle-class ideals of home and domestic work were used to measure differences between white and Native American women. Yet the vision of America as "home" was more than a metaphor for ...

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Details American-Voter-Turnout-An-Institutional-Perspective-Transforming-American-Politics

[{ American Voter Turnout: An Institutional Perspective (Transforming American Politics) By Hill, David Lee ( Author ) Jan - 03- 2006 ( Paperback ) } ]

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Details Fender-099-2054-202-American-StandardAmerican-Series-Stratocaster-Tremolo-Arm-Gold

Fender tremolo arm for American Series/American Standard Strat left hand, gold with white tip

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Details Mysteries-in-History-American-History-American-History

Mysteries in History: American History Designed to help students think critically about mysteries in American history. Includes teacher lesson plans, background information, and student activities. Full description

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Details magFlags-Flagge-Large-Russian-American-Company-Russian-American-Company-Alaska-Querformat-Fahne-135m-90x150cm-Fahne-100-Made-in-Germany

Flagge: Russian-American Company | Russian-American Company Alaska | ???? ??????? ??????? ?????? Querformat Fahne | 1.35m² | 90x150cm Russian-American Company Russian-American Company Alaska ???? ??????? ??????? ?????? Da wir wissen, wie wichtig ...

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Details American-Insurgents-A-Brief-History-of-American-Anti-Imperialism

American Insurgents From Mark Twain to the movement against the war in Vietnam, this is the story of ordinary Americans challenging empire. Full description